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Exclusive Off-Market Deals

Find the highest quality deals that your lawyer or accountant doesn’t have access to. Be the first person to talk to them without having to compete with the rest of the investment banks.

Partner Results

Listen to what our partners have to say about us.

Find Motivated Sellers

Use our system to find owners of businesses who are motivated to sell. Sign engagements now and build a pipeline for years ahead.


Reduce reliance on Referrals

Referrals are great except the unpredictability of new deals. Having a system in place to predictably source new deals will ensure steady revenue for you.

Increase Unit Profitability

Access off-market deals which no other investment bank or buyer is in touch with. This means, you have more leverage in negotiation. (Get better deals and increase profit per deal)

Who is this for?

● Middle & lower middle market Investment Banks/Intermediaries with most of their transactions in the range of $2m to $200m.
● Investment bankers who want to reduce reliance on the network and referrals.
● Leaders who want to spend their time efficiently speaking to qualified
companies that fit the criteria instead of hoping for them to be qualified.

● Investment Banks that have a solid track record.

Who is this not for?

● Investment banks/Intermediaries with the majority of transaction values at less than $1m.
● Bulge Bracket investment banks with the majority of their transactions above $2 Billion each.


Are the deals exclusive?

Yes, we only work with selected partners and limit the total number of partners we work with to maintain exclusivity.

Can I source deals from multiple industries?

Yes, we can focus on one or multiple industries.

How do you know revenue and profit metrics of companies?

 Unless we have the company books, there’s no way to get the exact financial metrics of private companies. However, we have a way to estimate revenue metrics of businesses which helps with the targeting. In terms of profit, although there is no proper way to come up with accurate estimates, we have developed a filtering mechanism to qualify businesses for this before they even get on a call with you. This is done only when there is a hard minimum profit requirement.

How are you different and why should we work with you?

We aren’t trying to get every M&A onboard as a client. Our model is designed to limit at 15 to 20 partners maximum, so that we can maintain exclusivity on deals. Furthermore, we purely focus on the M&A industry alone and have gained several insights on how you can actually source motivated sellers on both blue collar and white collar industries.


How can we start working together?

Schedule a time on the calendar link on this page, or get in touch with us via email to have an introductory call. We will have a discussion to see if there is mutual alignment and determine next steps from there onwards. 

The Process

Access our Deal Origination System

Find out more about our process on how we source off-market deals in the middle market space.

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